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Ultimate Body Challenge
Patrick and Allison Moran

Patrick and Allison, from Southern Pines, NC, have been married for 6 years and couldn’t be happier with their life together except for one thing…ok, 200 things- they each want to lose 100 pounds. Read Full Synopsis...

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Ultimate Body Challenge:
Patrick and Allison (2005)

Producer/Director/Writer: Jen Stocks
Full Credit List


"Take a good look at the overweight people you see before you right now, because this is the worst shape we will ever be in."

-Allison Moran

Patrick and Allison, from Southern Pines, NC, have been married for 6 years and couldn’t be happier with their life together except for one thing... ok, 200 things- they each want to lose 100 pounds. Patrick, age 32, currently weighs 322 pounds and Allison, age 29, weighs 267. They've never known each other as thin people and it’s not easy for them to picture one another 100 pounds lighter, but they’re thrilled at the possibility.

Patrick, a Paramedic, is quite often on the road and finds himself eating fast food way too often. Allison, an Emergency Room Secretary, works long shifts with odd hours, and at the end of a 12 hour day just wants to go out to dinner, not cook. In fact, out of 7 dinners a week, Patrick and Allison probably eat 6 of those meals in restaurants. They’ve not tried many diets together- just Atkins, which they thought might actually kill them.

So for this weight loss journey that they’re taking together, they’ve hired a cruel and demanding, personal trainer who is determined to beat them into thin people. Also a nutritionist, their trainer, Melissa, is monitoring every aspect of their life. She will come to their house and clean out their refrigerator, she will take them grocery shopping, she says she’s even going to make surprise visits to their house to spy on them. Melissa is our third character in this hour, and her militant approach to weight loss will motivate anyone sitting home on a couch watching TV.

Her work out regime has them panting and sweating and hurting, and there are certainly moments when they secretly hate her. They are feeling muscles they didn’t even know they had, and they may not have known that their heart could be as fast as it has in recent days. They work out 6 days a week, and for two of those days they work out twice a day. This new schedule is certainly a shock to Patrick and Allison’s system, but the thought of their new bodies is keeping them coming back to the gym.

As they lose weight together, their family, who all live nearby, will be amazed at this couple’s dedication and will all be inspired by their miraculous transformations.

And as the pounds come off, Patrick and Allison are going to begin doing activities they never felt like doing before. Gone will be the afternoons at the bowling alley eating fries and picking up those 7-10 splits, and instead there will be bike rides, hikes, and extra trips to the gym. And if they thought they were attracted to one another now, they probably can’t imagine how they’ll feel about one another in the very near future. The rejuvenated sexual chemistry between this young couple will be hard not to notice.

In between all the uplifting weigh-ins, there will no doubt be moments of tension as husband and wife compete with one another and encourage one another. Often friendly competition can come across as mean-spirited rivalry, and encouragement can come across as offensive criticism. However, these minor conflicts will only enhance the profound pride and respect they’ll have for one another at the end of a very emotional year. They will be amazed at how very far they’ve come, and so will we.



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Ultimate Body Challenge: Patrick & Allison
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