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Ultimate Body Challenge
Forrest Maready

Forrest is a 33 yr old Computer Animator for a production studio in Raleigh, NC. He currently weighs 260 pounds, but plans on losing 100 pounds in the next year. Read Full Synopsis...

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Ultimate Body Challenge:
Forrest (2005)

Producer/Director/Writer: Jen Stocks
Full Credit List


" I like junk food. I like cheeseburgers. I like pizza. There’s not a lot of healthy food that I would say I enjoy eating other than peanut butter."


Forrest is a 33 yr old Computer Animator for a production studio in Raleigh, NC. He currently weighs 260 pounds, but plans on losing 100 pounds in the next year. For most of his adult life, Forrest has fought the infamous battle of the bulge. He’s seen pounds come off, and he’s seen them come back on, bringing a few uninvited friends along with them in the process. But in past years, Forrest has found that when he has decided to lose weight, he’s been able to do it with minimal effort. By simply cutting back on his soda intake, reducing his fast food consumption to just a couple meals a week, or playing a few extra games of table tennis, one of his passions, he could drop a few pounds. But that was in the past. But now that he is in his thirties, it’s a different story.

Not surprisingly, Forrest has recently noticed that his metabolism isn’t what it used to be and his schedule certainly doesn’t allow for a lot of extra activities. Forrest’s job has him sitting in front of a monitor for most of the day, getting little to no exercise. And when the workday is over, his top priority is entertaining his one year-old son, Maverick. There are the usual hectic tasks of life with a one year-old that keep Forrest busy, but in addition to that, his wife, LeAnne, suffers from Crohn’s disease and by the end of the day is quite fatigued. It’s important to Forrest to devote all the time he can to helping her with Maverick, and as a result he has given almost no attention to his own health and now at his highest weight, he realizes that something has to change.

But Forrest faces an additional challenge when it comes to weight loss: Forrest has major food issues. He may, in fact, be the world’s pickiest eater. For example, he can eat vegetables raw, but not cooked. If he is going to eat green peppers or mushrooms on a pizza, they must be applied AFTER the pizza is cooked. He cannot mix food textures of any kind, nor can he combine hot foods with cold foods. He will not tolerate spices, especially pepper. Pepper, he says, makes him feel as though “blazing volcanic cinders are burning holes into his tongue”. These strange food rules prevent Forrest from trying anything new or different. They have turned him into a creature of
habit, eating the same unhealthy meals over and over again.

Forrest will begin his weight loss journey at Duke University’s Center For Living Executive Health Program. This all-day assessment will start with him meeting Dr. Lisa Gianetto, a physician specializing in the treatment of obesity. He will also see a dietician who will help him figure out how to get around his taste bud quirks, and a fitness expert who will come up with his exercise plan. He will leave the Center For Living with a much better understanding of what it’s going to take to become the 160 pound man he longs to be.

Throughout the course of the year we’ll be spending with Forrest, we will see this man who has casually flirted with weight loss over the years get serious about his health; for the first time in his life, he’ll know what it feels like to live a healthy lifestyle. Cheeseburgers, French fries, and pizza will no longer be options for him, and his level of physical activity will increase dramatically, giving him the energy he needs to get through a busy day.

Forrest’s story is a unique one and will be incredibly amusing to tell, especially considering Forrest’s personal interest in the show’s creative graphics- the artistic options are endless. But it’s Forrest’s endearing character and loveable charm that will truly make this an exceptional hour of television. His “every man” appearance will make him relatable and his quick wit will make him captivating. You can’t sit in a room with Forrest without being entertained by him, you can’t have a conversation with him without being enlightened, you can’t watch him play table tennis without being at least a little bit impressed, and you won’t be able to change the channel when you hear his story.



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Ultimate Body Challenge: Forrest
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