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Ultimate Body Challenge
Courtney Caplan

Courtney is a 26 year old Events and Catering Coordinator for the Driscoll hotel in Austin, Texas. She currently weighs 213 pounds but she plans on losing 75 pounds in this next year. Read Full Synopsis...

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Ultimate Body Challenge:
Courtney (2005)

Producer/Director/Writer: Jen Stocks
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"I don’t want to have to wear something that covers my big butt all the time, you know."


Courtney is a 26 year old Events and Catering Coordinator for the Driscoll hotel in Austin, Texas. She currently weighs 213 pounds but she plans on losing 75 pounds in this next year. Weight has never been a huge issue for Courtney. She’s not a yo-yo dieter, she’s not scared of working hard to improve herself, and she’s not going to stay at 213 pounds for long.

The Driscoll hotel is a fun and energetic place to work, especially for a highly motivated, goal oriented 26 year old. But Courtney’s job has taken its toll on her body. Not only do the long and unpredictable hours prevent her from properly planning her meals, but the catering aspect of her job means that there’s usually a scrumptious food that requires tasting, and it’s usually Courtney that does the tasting. Cakes, pastries, cookies, creamy soups, cheesy pastas, greasy appetizers – all the yummy things a caterer has to offer have been offered to Courtney first.

Courtney finally realized what all the taste testing had done to her body, which was now at an unacceptable size. She had gotten to be over 200 pounds, and she was quite upset. So upset, in fact, that she quit her job. She gave notice, telling her bosses that she was out of control and needed to do something about it fast. After some debate, Courtney and her employers agreed that she would take an extended leave of absence and return to work if and when she felt she could.

After consulting with her parents and brother, Courtney made the decision to spend 2 months at Duke’s Diet and Fitness Center. Instead of focusing on her fast-paced, up and coming career, Courtney is going to focus on her health before it gets worse than it is. At Duke, she has cut her calories down to 1200 a day, is exercising a minimum of 3 hours a day, and will not stop until her butt is half the size it is now. In the past couple of years, Courtney has not been able to wear the pants that she’d like to wear because of her “problem area.” She’s made a uniform out of black pants and black shirts in an effort to hide in her clothes, but is secretly dying to be able to slip into a pair of designer jeans.

In addition to the jeans though, there’s a certain bridesmaid’s dress Courtney is also hoping to fit into. Although the deadline for turning in dress measurements has passed, Courtney has yet to turn hers in since she’s certain she’ll be several sizes smaller by the time of the wedding in February. This brave defiance required telling several lies to the bride, but Courtney feels the risk will be worth the reward when she’s able to walk down the aisle in a dress that isn’t 3 sizes too big. But will she pull it off? Will we see her struggling to get into a dress that she currently can not fit into, or will she have lost so much weight that the seamstress is having to take in the dress?

Although Courtney does not currently like the way she looks, she has an amazing attitude about her weight. Instead of being depressed about weighing 213 pounds, she has chosen to treat her weight loss as a project. And as she has done in the past with her career, Courtney will put everything she has into this project until the result is nothing short of perfection.


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Ultimate Body Challenge: Courtney
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