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Transgender Teens
"What am I ... a boy or a girl?"

A transgender person perceives their body to be one sex, while their brain says they are the opposite sex. Although there are families who stand by their children through this transition, many are thrown out of their homes, often leading to a desperate life of depression, prostitution, and even suicide. This program tells the story of two transgender teenagers and the people who help them live with their identity. Read Full Synopsis...

Transgender Teens (2003)
Directed By: Alex Gibson
Directed & Written By: Kirk Streb
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"Sex is what's between your legs. Gender is what's between your ears."

Growing up isn’t easy—we all know that. The potent mix of hormones, peer pressure, self-discovery and family expectations leads almost every adolescent to look in the mirror at some point and ask… “Who am I?”

What if the overwhelming question was more basic… more disturbing… more life shattering? What if ever since you were 5 years old you looked in the mirror every day and asked, “What am I - a boy or a girl?” — This is the life of a “Trans" and the focus of the one hour documentary Transgender Teens.

It is a world where confusion reigns. Even defining the topic can be confusing… transgender, transsexual, transvestite… they are not the same things.

The simple definition of transgender is: a condition in which the physical sex of the individual does not match their gender identity. In short- their body appears to be one sex, while their brain says they’re the opposite sex. It's called gender dysphoria.

It is not a fetish. It is not a weekend hobby. It is not a result of bad parenting or abuse. It is not a choice. It is a birth condition. That is a fact that few understand. Although there are families who stand by their children through their transition, many are thrown out of their homes, often leading to a desperate life of depression, prostitution and even suicide.

Transgender Teens tells the story of two transgender teenagers. Sadaisha and Katrina were born as males, but now they want to live as females. Sadaisha lives on the streets of West Hollywood. Katrina lives at home near San Francisco with her mother. Both struggle for acceptance and understanding.

Sadaisha makes ends meet working as a prostitute. Katrina is supported by her family and is seeking counseling to help her transition. As we follow them from day to day, we meet the social workers, family members and others in the transgender community who offers guidance and support.

We meet Alexis, a smart, funny, attractive 24-year-old caseworker who counsels transgender teens—a topic she knows well. Alexis was born a “boy.’ However, she is one of the lucky ones. Through the support of her family and her tenacious will to succeed, she has triumphed at whatever she’s set her mind to.

Lavonna also was born a “boy.” In her early teens she tried to deal openly with her problem. She took a female name and began dressing and living as a girl. For that she was forced to leave her home. Thus, she began her life on the streets. She is now an outreach worker, helping teens get off the street.

Transgender Teens is gritty… shocking… heart wrenching… frightening… uplifting… informative…. enlightening and above all-- riveting.

The viewers of this program may never hear the words “boy” or “girl” the same way again.



Transgender Teens
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