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Unmasked: Treacher Collins Syndrome

Originally Aired: 2004
Total Running Time: 50 minutes

There is a group of people born with a genetic disorder so rare, most of us have never seen anyone like them. For these individuals, every day is spent confronting and conquering the daily challenges of looking very different. The condition is called Treacher Collins Syndrome and its effects go far beyond skin deep.

One in ten thousand children are born with Treacher Collins, a syndrome that creates a very distinct appearance -- the jaw is underdeveloped, the cheekbones are missing, the eyes down-slanting, and the ears malformed or missing. This syndrome can create serious difficulties with eating, breathing, and hearing. In Unmasked: Treacher Collins Syndrome we meet several remarkable people with Treacher Collins Syndrome and learn how they have overcome this life altering syndrome.

$29.99 + S&H



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