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Joined for Life: Abby and Brittany Turn 16
Original Airing: December 17, 2006
Total Running Time: 50 minutes
Abby and Brittany

Conjoined twins Abby and Brittany Hensel are about to turn 16- that means they’re very busy with schoolwork, sports, social activities and, yes, testing for their driver’s license. To most, this may seem extraordinary, but Abby and Brittany have been doing extraordinary things all their lives.

They ride bikes and motorcycles. They play the piano, volleyball, basketball, softball and swim - basically, anything many other people their age do. They are attractive, smart, funny, outgoing and have been blessed to live in a wonderful family and small, rural community treats them like anyone else. As a result they are the most "normal" and possibly most talented conjoined twins ever.

They typically resist all media and press - it's one of the reasons they live such a normal life. But they have agreed (for the third time) to allow us to help them tell their story. Our story about Abby and Brittany will tell their back story and recap many of the amazing things they have done as children and look at their current life as ambitious and adventuresome teenagers.

Their story will amaze, inspire and give new meaning to what viewers think is possible for conjoined twins who are never separated. Join us for this honest and telling look at these two incredible young women in their second hour special documentary, Joined for Life: Abby and Brittany Turn 16.

$29.99 + S&H



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