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Bergan Sipe, Advanced Medical's production coordinator, will try to convince you she's just a quiet woman living a very boring life. This from a person who, in the 9 years she's been in "the business," has been employed as a production assistant, art assistant, production coordinator, grip, electrician, actor, editor, assistant director and low budget film producer. Boring? No. Maybe she meant bashful.

It's true, she would have preferred that we skipped this bio and said that Bergan was too busy working to stop to talk. Fortunately, we were able to corner her long enough to find out a few interesting shreds of information about this enigmatic talent.

- She attended UNC-Chapel Hill for Media Studies and Dramatic Art.

- Her entire family is very, very creative (If she were an apple, it might be said she had not fallen far from her tree.)

- She rarely wears matching socks (matching socks takes time, seems unnecessary and is simply not on her priority list)

- She's a perfectionist who has great trouble resting until each and every one of her day's goals have been met.

- She's worked on 10 independent and major film releases.

- In her "spare time" she writes screenplays and makes obstacle courses in trails behind her house.

Whew! Okay. Bergan, is there anything else you'd like to tell us? Bergan. are you there?

Well, she's gone. But you can rest assured. where ever she is, she's getting something accomplished!
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